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   Win Cash Today to Save the Environment! Are there real money earning apps out there? Maybe! Are they legitimate? Well, we don’t know about them, but we are, and our cause is a noble global cause.

   So, when you win prizes online with us, you are also saving the environment“What is the deal?”you might ask. Well, it is simple. We are Voluntary Refund Value or VRV, a unique platform that rewards its users to recycle waste.

   We have developed a unique model wherein the users deposit a subjective value pertaining to their recyclable items. 10% of the deposit stake is apportioned to a sweepstake on Sunday if materials are turned in on time.

   We have created an environment that makes recycling fun and rewarding. We are minimizing the probability of recyclable materials from ending up in the landfill.

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   Who dislikes Money Sweepstakes? Instant money is what we all crave and with the VRV app, you can win  up to $10 every weekday! It is an excellent takeaway considering that mother nature will note you as a savior of the environment.

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   This sweepstake shall abide by the Sweepstakes rules and is meant for US Residents only Individuals must be 18+ to participate. A winner or winner(s) will be declared every weekday.

   We use quantum physics to select winners. Users are allocated a random number, and these numbers are then generated in real-time, by measuring the reflection or transmission of photons. The number of winners are located in the sweepstake rules.

   Winners are determined every Weekday and Sunday after 6:00 pm PST. To participate, you can start contributing to the Voluntary Refund Value account or contact local businesses to sign up with us!

Why  VRV sweepstake?

   The VRV sweepstake not only gives you an opportunity to win cash every weekday, but also a chance to save the environment.

   With our unique platform, we aim to increase the demand for recycling, and reinforce the positive behavior among the users to inculcate this good habit. VRV, hence, is a win-win platform for everyone! Download the VRV app now and earn instant money online.