Recycling Centers

   Are you looking for a trash and recycling center(s) in California? You are at the right place. Voluntary Refund Value is a revolutionary platform to meet all your recycling needs. Find local recycling center near you.

   Want to recycle old batteries? Find the closest recycling center near you now. Follow the below-mentioned steps;

Use Vrv for electronic waste drop-off

   Electronic waste is becoming a huge concern for the global environment. With the world moving towards technological dependency, e-waste will grow in the upcoming decades.

   It is, however, a matter of the ownership of responsibility and awareness among the citizens of Mother Earth to preserve the environment.

   Voluntary Refund Value is making this undertaking easier-to enable responsible citizens to recycle electronic waste and reinforce this positive behavior through rewards. Got electronic waste to drop-off?

   Soon, you can find an e-recycling center near you through our app. Every deposit you make prolong the age of this beautiful planet and funds the Vrv community (eg., sweepstake, daycare).

Why should you  use VRV?

   “It is not just the intent, but the actions that decide consequences in reality”- said reality to humankind. Most of us know and feel that recycling is one of the best ways to preserve our environment and save ourselves from a deteriorated future.

   However, only a handful of us commit to this cause and put efforts in recycling activities. In a busy urban life, recycling can seem like another task with no return value. This is what Voluntary Refund Value is changing forever.

   VRV is deploying a unique operations model wherein the users inputs a subjective value to the items for recycling. We call it a VRV deposit. Majority of the cumulative deposit amount is for the users as a reward (contests, and the rest is for operations.

   Be the change you want to see. The future of the planet and well-being of our generations depend upon one simple resolution of recycling. Get in the Green action today!