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When you sign up for a subscription, we prompt you to pick a material to collect (cork, clothes, etc) and then input your business address to generate your GPS coordinates. We also add your business to the businesses webpage and recycling locations in our app.

Current businesses are: liquor stores, fast food, shoe store, ice cream, coffee, clothes and dealerships. Our app detects if users are within 1056 ft from your business and a barcode scanner can make sure their foot is in your door. They must have material to turn in.

Each day we can direct users to a variety of business markets (eg., Monday is
coffee day).

Click the YouTube icon. In the video, a user attempted to recycle clothes but was not within 1056 ft. However, the user was within 1056 ft from a cork drop off and the app accepted their drop off.

As demonstrated, we can direct foot traffic to your business 52+ cars a year is a big deal. Your subscription supports user retention and acquisition!

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