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Word Search Puzzle Tactics?

There are tactics to winning in our word puzzle contest. We won’t tell you the exact tactics, but we will give you several hints. First, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Second, don’t linger, have fast fingers and precision is the best rhythm.  A word finder solver may help you win, but time is not on your side because your competition may know more vocabulary than you. Instead of relying on a word finder solver to win our word puzzle contest, you can; use new words, read books, take a writing course, keep a journal and look up words you don’t know.  

These tactics will work for other word puzzles, but there’s nothing to win because a high percent of word puzzle apps on Google Play and the App Store are not a contest. These apps are notorious for spamming the user with ads and in app purchases. In app purchases funds Google, Apple, a payment gateway and the developer. Developers can’t run a contest for word puzzles since it leaves little after fees. 

For example, if a developer has a word puzzle game and the user can pay a fee to purchase coins, unlock features, remove ads, etc. The developer must pay Google and Apple 30% of the in app purchase.  The developer must use a payment gateway to process the payment securely. A one dollar in app purchase will yield $0.371 cents for the developer.

If you enjoy word puzzle games on iOS and Android, then stop spending your money on in-game items like hints and ad removal.  Download our app and pick a material in the Vrv app and set up your recycling schedule for $1 instead. Half of your money will keep us in business, the other half will go to the contest fund account.  Solve the game puzzle faster than the competition and win cash directly into your Google or Apple Pay account.