Word Puzzles

Play word puzzles/games with the VRV app online and win cash or a new iPhone!

Recycling With Fun

   Society has reported recycling throughout human history. It has come a long way since the time of Plato when humans re-used broken tools and pottery, because of scarcity of materials.

   Today, there are a multitude of benefits related to recycling. While we all understand the crucial aspects of recycling, it is often a major challenge to encourage people towards it. Right!

   However, successfully catering to this problem, our innovative method lures consumers to recycle regularly. Voluntary Refund Value uniquely combines recycling, sweepstakes and contests all in one app.

   Thus, providing you an exciting opportunity to win prizes through online puzzle games while sustaining the environment.These impeccable features make Vrv a motivating, social networking, recycling prize hub.

Win cash and prizes with recycling

   We have created an environment that makes recycling fun and a rewarding experience. Minimizing the probability of recyclable materials from ending up in the landfill.

   Do you love engaging in word search puzzle games or play word search online on iOS and Android? You can pick a material in the Vrv app, set up your recycling schedule for only $1.

   A fraction of your money will keep us in business, and we will use the other portion for the contest fund account.

   To win cash directly into your Google or Apple Pay account, you need to buckle up and solve the game puzzle faster than the competition. Now you have learned about recycling and free online word search games.