3.23-20 - 3.29.20
Compete in a daily word puzzle contest for $1.00 and win an iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB, $1,300.00 or $100.00+. Instant win.

We base prizes on
schedules received. Share the app so we can reach our goal (5,000 installs), then play!

Contest Rules USA ONLY, 18+ CO, CT, MD, NE, AZ, and ND are not eligible. Void where prohibited.
Download the app and share it with your family and friends.
Go to the ready to recycle screen, set your schedule for $1.00 and touch game on! Levels get harder each day.
Prizes are based on schedules received. A refund will occur if schedules total to $99.00 or less!
The fastest player(s) are paid via Google Pay or Apple Pay for cash prizes or receive a tracking number for iPhone prizes (if in stock).
Winners (Click to View). Recycling is only required to win the Sunday contest prize.

Recycling + Games = Fun!
Week #1 Rules ( 3.16.20 - 3.22.20 )

Entrants based in: Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Arizona, and North Dakota are ineligible for the Contest.


To play, every day at 8:00 am PST pick a material in the Vrv app to recycle  (Your schedule is only $1.00! ). Our refund policy is here. Our app is here.

Game On!

Finish a game (eg., word puzzle) as fast as you can before 4:59 pm PST. You DON'T have to recycle to win. Only the fastest players will win. One to several daily cash/prize winners.

Sunday Jackpot

Recycle by Friday before 5:00 pm PST and be eligible to solve a chess puzzle. Only the fastest players will win. One to several daily cash/prize winners!


Winners must sign an affidavit before they can claim their prize. Rules may change every Sunday night so always review the contest rules!
Contest Rules
How To Play
Contest Winners