Zero Waste Giveaway

Finish a daily word puzzle for free to
enter the daily sweepstakes. Three
random entrant wins cash each day.
Win up to $55.00 for the week.
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How Vrv Works
We combined recycling, sweepstakes and contests in one app. Ultimately our app is a recycling app. Let's preserve our environment.

Sweepstake: Play our daily word puzzle for free! Complete the puzzle and your in the sweepstake. 3 random entrant wins $1.5 each day but one random entrant wins $25 on Friday. Win up to $55.00 for the week.

Contests: equals skills! Play our daily word puzzle for free! Contest players can play the daily word puzzle twice to get a better score.

You can purchase a $1.00 token to enter the contest with your score and win the contest cash prize for the day.

Sunday Contest: If you enter the contest and recycle by Friday before 5:00 PM PST, you can compete in chess on Sunday and win $10.00. This is called the Sunday contest.

Unique Features makes Vrv a motivating, gaming, recycling prize hub.

Gps Navigation

Real-time navigation to recycling centers near me (you).


 More contestants equals more
winners and rewards.

Drop Off Verification

Vrv uses Gps and honesty to confirm
a recycling near me (you) drop off.

Real Time Current Funds

Deposits are displayed instantly so you can view potential funds for prizes every week.

Innovative Platform for consumers and businesses

Add a recycling drop off point and divert material from the landfill. Link any pc, mobile and console game to our apps contest api.

Materials- Email us to suggest a material. We can program many materials.

About us

Recycling is the Solution to Growing E-Waste Problem. But is it the Only Way Out now?

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Actually Win In A Sweepstake

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Word Search Puzzle Tactics?

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Play for Free: 3 entrants win $1.50 (Mon-Thurs, Sat-Sun) and one entrant wins $25 (Fri). Play and finish the daily word puzzle for free.

One winner will be selected using our random number generator and paid the next day via Google Pay, Apple Pay or Venmo.

Several States: Are not eligible for the contest. CO, CT, MD, NE, AZ, and ND. So we have included a sweepstake for these residents to play the daily word puzzle for free and still win!

Download The Vrv App and play the daily word puzzle for Free!

Your puzzle score (time) determines if you win the contest cash prize. Purchase a $1.00 token (Vrv deposit) to set up your recycling schedule so you can enter the contest with your score.

The fastest contestant to finish the word puzzle in Milliseconds will ALWAYS win!

Cash Prizes & Winners: Based on the amount of $1.00 tokens (Vrv deposits) we receive. Review the rewards PDF here.

Play for Free: Play for free and retry the puzzle once to get a lower score before entering the contest.

Notify winners: A push notification and email will occur. Check your SPAM FOLDER.
Sunday Contest
Set up your recycling schedule for $1 and recycle on time to compete in a chess contest and win $10, only (1 winner ).