Zero Waste Recycling

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How Vrv Works

We combined recycling, sweepstakes and contests in one app. Now you can sustain the environment and win prizes at the same time!

Unique Features makes Vrv a motivating, social networking, recycling prize hub

Gps Navigation

Real-time navigation to recycling centers near me (you).

Quantum Physics

 We use quantum physics to select winners.

Drop Off Verification

Vrv uses Gps and honesty to confirm a recycling near me (you) drop off.

Real Time Current Funds

Deposits are displayed instantly so you can view potential funds for prizes every week.

Innovative Platform for the recycling industry

Vrv diverts precious metals from the landfill, increases recycling commodity intake and revenue.

Materials- Email us to suggest a material

About us

Recycling Centers

Who should be a recycling center?

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How do you know if a sweepstakes is a scam?

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Contests can pay your day care expenses!

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Download The Vrv App For A Chance To Win
$10.00 Every Weekday.
Instant Pay Via Apple Pay or Google Pay!

Sweepstakes Form Is In The App

Recycling + Puzzles Are Coming Soon (In review). Enjoy The Sweepstakes In The Meantime!

Do you enjoy word finds, crossword puzzles or word searches on iOS and Android? STOP spending your money on in-game items like hints and ad removal.

Pick a material in the Vrv app and set up your recycling schedule for $1 instead. Half of your money will keep us in business, the other half will go to the contest fund account.

 Solve the game puzzle faster than the competition and win cash directly into your Google or Apple Pay account. If you turn your recyclable materials in, the remaining funds will go to the Vrv community (eg.,Daycare expenses!).


Every weekday at 10:00 am PST pick a material in the Vrv app to recycle and set up your recycling schedule for $1.00 (Vrv deposit).

Word Puzzle

Solve a word puzzle as fast as you can before 5:59 pm PST. Only the fastest puzzle solvers will win. One to several daily winners!

Cash winners!

Winners will win 40% of the Vrv deposits. 10% will be for the Vrv community (eg., Daycare) if you recycle by Friday before 5:00 pm PST and 50% for overhead.


Winners must sign a declaration of compliance before they are paid via Google Pay or Apple Pay.